registered for your own wiki pages, do that now and then follow these instructions
Click on "Make a New Space"
Enter your space name (cannot have any spaces between letters)
Choose visibility (remember, this can be changed later)
Your first wiki page will open.
Follow the guide and create look and feel
Add pages: go back to your design from Module 2 and create two or three pages
Click on New Page (upper left)
Window opens; type in title and click on "Create"
Page opens; click on Save
Repeat the process until you have three pages loaded
Return to main page; click on "edit navigation" left bar
Enter page titles in the order you would like them to appear (this can be changed later)
Highlight the titles and click on the linking icon (world with a chain link) in the toolbar
Diaglogue box opens to create a "wiki link" between the navigation bar and the page
The right page probably comes up; double check the titles are the same and click "Okay"