Rubric: Assessment Tool

What is a rubric? A rubric is essentially a tool that both guides creators in knowing what is expected and guides evaluators as they determine to what degree the creator missed or hit the target. With that as a definition, rubrics should logically be provided to students before they begin their work, not after the work is done. Rubrics are placed last in this professional learning experience because in most cases, the learning has been so new that to give teachers the expectations in advance might have been overwhelming. The fact is, many of your students will have a better idea about linking, embedding and generally using technology than you had when you started here or that you will have as you meet them with this new and vital teaching tool.

Assessing Process and Product
Teacher's Self Assessment
As the creator of the classroom wiki shell, you are responsible for the students' ability to understand what you want them to do. Remember, they may be working on this project from home and more than one student will be working on the same page. So, everyone needs to be "on the same page" in regard to expectations and evaluations. Assess the structure of the wiki before you present it to the class and then continue to assess the structure of the wiki. As students work with the wiki, you will learn alongside of them: what is easily understood, what is confusing, what tasks require more or less time; the ease or challenge of working collaboratively.

Attached is a Working Wiki Rubric, in other words, a starting place from which you can assess your own Wikispace.

Student Performance Assessment
The Horizon Project has developed a Wiki Rubric for evaluating wikis from across the globe: Horizon Project Wiki Page Rubric
National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association have provided a Wiki RubricWiki
Vicki Davis has created a 100 point copyrighted wiki rubric that provides some guidance in developing a student assessment.
Horizon Project

Develop a collaborative wiki based project and create a rubric for evaluation.